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Cryogenic solutions for sub-zero treatment


ALNAT™ Cryo solutions offer customized equipment for cryogenic treatment with major benefits:

  • temperature treatment from -150°C up to +550°C,
  • highly insulated stainless steel chamber with accurate temperature regulation: +/-1°C,
  • upgrade of your process performance,
  • easy heat treatment cycle programming,
  • load up to 1400 Kg,
  • easy install and operation, start-up in less than one hour,
  • integrated safety procedures.

A complete management of temperature profiles

  • Temperature control
    The chamber design associated to specific nozzle injection system ensures an accurate temperature monitoring of ±1°C.
  • Temperature cycle
    The specific temperature profile is adjusted and stored at your convenience.
  • Reheating
    After cryo-treatment, the load is warmed up from room temperature to 250°C for tempering, if required.