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Dusíkový generátor

U FLOXAL™ těžíte z upravených a rozšiřitelných řešení, které reagují na vaše požadavky.

A customized solution

Air Liquide works together with the customer to select the nitrogen content that best fits its application. FLOXAL™ Nitrogen is the optimum solution that meets both the most stringent quality requirements and cost cutting goals.

The FLOXAL™ service ensures a perfect match between production and usage. The equipment follows the customer's nitrogen demand profile, regardless of flow variation. In case of permanent change requirements, the capacity of the system can be updated. Risks due to non delivery are eliminated. The information relative to the production system as well as any kind of analysis related to the nitrogen supply is available. Air Liquide offers a full range of optional services.

The FLOXAL™ installation is a nitrogen generator using the cryogenic distillation of air or membrane air separation. This generator also comes with a liquid nitrogen tank and atmospheric vaporizers that ensure nitrogen supply continues and when the generator is stopped.

A reliable solution

Our telemonitoring system analyses the critical variables of the unit, 24 hours a day. The unit calls our service centre where remote diagnostics and personal follow-up are always available. Air Liquide's service organization remains on-call around the clock and its proximity ensures quick corrective action if necessary. A back-up can ensure at least your daily needs in case of shutdowns (power failure, maintenance...) are met.

A cost effective solution

By selecting a nitrogen content adapted to the application, the customer maximizes the savings provided by the most competitive on-site technologies. In addition, Air Liquide offers variable pricing including power costs. Our customers benefit from the most cost effective solutions without investing - they invest their time and money on the core business.