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Stlačený vzduch

U FLOXAL™ těžíte z upravených a rozšiřitelných řešení, které reagují na vaše požadavky.

The best solution

Production processes increasingly rely on the vital energy of compressed air. Either as an engine, a tool or a process, air is essential to many operations. This is why the FLOXAL™ Air installation enables our customers to focus on their core business by delivering an efficient, worry-free solution for the compressed air supply. Our long-term service requires no customer capital investment and offers instant and on-going savings.

A broad experience

Air Liquide's broad experience in the compressed air field enables us to ensure continuous improvements and optimized costs. Our FLOXAL™ Air installation is designed to reduce energy costs and to specify the best possible alternatives. Air Liquide in Poland has expertise in a wide range of industrial processes, allowing us to adapt our flexible solution to customer's operations and to meet all future needs.

A reliable solution

FLOXAL™ Air solution provides customers with continuous compressed air supply - maintenance free. Our telemonitoring system is a reliable service 24 hours a day. Our experienced local team is there to respond quickly to any emergency.

Quality to match products

Air quality is essential to preserve production tools, guarantee constant product quality or optimize productivity. FLOXAL™ Air has the right answer to customer quality requirements (particles, H2O, oils, bacterial presence).


FLOXAL™ Air provides historical operations data via the FLOXAL Web Reporting. This gives a private access to customer's monthly consumption data and other installation parameters such as pressure, flow rate, and back-up levels. We also hold yearly consumption analysis meetings with the customer to work together on improvements and adjustments.